Lightning strikes home, power out in Lexington storm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Storms rolled through the bluegrass on Friday night and at one point, the heavy rain closed multiple roads and lightning had stop lights across Lexington out of order.

Heavy lightning struck down throughout the city. A lightning strike caused some damage to one Lexington home on Blue Ash Drive, off Harrodsburg Road.

Firefighters say that lightning traveled into the home, blowing off a few shingles and setting some insulation to smoldering. The man who lives there called firefighters before it could get out of hand.

"(There was) light damage to the home, basically just his duct work and some wiring that was in the attic crawl space," says Major Jason Walton, with the Lexington Fire Department.

Police say the traffic lights at about 20 different intersections were affected, some flashing, some out all together.

The heavy rain also caused problems. Leestown road near Dolan Lane had to be closed when the water began to rise where the road goes under a set of train tracks.

Police say they had one car stall out. They also had to deal with some tractor trailers turning on that section of the road.

Lexington police say they expect Leestown Road to be closed for several more hours. They say they're used to it flooding and that water is slow to recede.

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