Lexington Homeowner Not Indicted For Deadly Shooting

It stirred the debate over when deadly force should be used if a homeowner thinks someone is a threat.

In April, 36-year-old Andreas Lobsiger was shot to death at a home on Chelsea Woods Court.

Police say the homeowner, Tadarvis Gardner shot Lobsiger through his front door.

Gardner said Lobsiger was trying to kick in the door. But Lobsiger's friends and family said he had just gone to the wrong home, and meant no harm.

Police never charged Gardner, saying he had the right to defend himself under the Castle Doctrine.

The doctrine says a person can defend himself with deadly force if a threat is perceived.

Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson took the case to a grand jury anyway.

"We presented all the evidence to a grand jury," Larson said. "And the grand jury, after hearing all of that, determined they would not indict Mr. Gardner, for the death of Mr. Lobsiger."

27 NEWSFIRST has tried to contact the victim's family members, but we've been unable to reach them for comment.

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