Courtroom Video Of Woman Jailed Wearing "Really Short" Shorts Released

Showing too much skin landed a Garrard County Woman in jail for three days. But she claims the judge, not her outift, is the problem.
Garrard District County Judge Janet Booth ordered that Kirsten Arnold be put in jail for appearing in court wearing a tank top, and a thigh-baring pair of shorts. In courtroom video obtained by 27 NEWSFIRST, Arnold and the judge had the following exchange.
Judge Booth Asked, "Why shouldn't I put you in jail for contempt today?"
"I'm sorry," Arnold said.
Booth Replied, "No, you're not, I told you twice. I even fined you for being in contempt. Why shouldn't I throw you in jail today? You apparently don't care about the court's orders.
Arnold told the judge, "I forgot."
The judge then asked Arnold, "How could you forget? No, seriously, how could you forget? It's a complete disregard of court order. Complete. You should go to jail today, and you're going."
"Well, next time I won't wear shorts," Arnold said.
Just before Booth ordered Arnold to jail she told the woman, "I bet you won't."

In a jailhouse interview, Arnold told us she thought her outfit was adorable.
Arnold thinks the judge wasn't really bothered by her outfit. She thinks Judge Booth has some sort of vendetta against her."She always picks on me", Arnold claims,"She always has a comment to say about me."
Arnold is even going as far as to say that no matter what she wears the judge will find fault with her. So instead of changing her clothes in the future, she plans to change her judge.
We contacted Judge Booth about the incident. She declined to comment.
Arnold is scheduled to appear in front of Judge Booth again on Monday.

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