Rash Of Home Break-ins In Mason County

Maysville police say criminals are watching, and waiting, and once a home is empty, they strike. Nearly a dozen homes in the Northern Kentucky community have been broken into in the past month.

"They are waiting for people to leave for work and then they (burglars) go to work, hitting homes in the middle of the day," Lt. Lisa O'Hearn tells 27NEWSFIRST.

Lt. O'Hearn says victims return home from work to find thousands of dollars worth of their valuables gone.

"They are stealing computers, flat screen TVs, cameras, any electronic they can get their hands on," said Lt. O'Hearn.

Police say in most cases the burglars are making entry through the rear of homes and if the doors are locked they are knocking them down. Police also believe the crimes are being committed by the same group of people because of the similarities.

Patrick Doyle, one of the many victims says, he's out at least $8,000 dollars. "They stole our flat screen hd TV, ipods, scanners and jewelry," said Doyle.

Others on the same street as Doyle were also hit. "I came home and my back door was knocked in, when I went inside my house, there were clothes everywhere and I noticed my new laptop and camera were gone," Lora Hitt told NEWSFIRST.

Police say they do have several persons of interest in this rash of burglaries, but are not naming anyone at this time and say their investigation continues.

Police are also asking people who live in Maysville to call them is they see any any suspicious activities in their neighborhood.

To reach the Maysville Police Department, call (606) 564-9411. All information can be left anonymously.

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