UK Freshman Move In Friday

Friday was a big day for thousands of students at the University of Kentucky.

More than 4,000 freshmen spent the day moving into their dorm rooms. The dorms will be back open for movers on Saturday and Sunday. Upperclassmen can also start moving in over the weekend.

President Lee Todd was joined by his wife, Patsy, to greet students and their families Friday morning near Blanding Tower. They passed out water and tried to get to know their new students.

1500 volunteer staff members and students helped with the big move on Friday. They helped incoming students unload their belongings and take them up to their dorms.

President Todd says he's grateful for the extra help because it makes the move go more smoothly.

The University pulled out all the stops for students and their families; they had water, hot dogs and lemonade for those moving in.

School starts next Wednesday, August 27th.

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