Escaped Ape Bites Ky. Man At Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI (AP) - A gibbon that got away from the Cincinnati Zoo
for a few minutes and bit a visitor from Kentucky in a parking lot is being held in quarantine.
Zoo officials say the 3-foot-tall member of the ape family will be kept inside from now on so there won't be another escape.
The 37-year-old male gibbon named Euell has lived at the zoo since 1994. A spokesman says Euell apparently swung arm over arm from tree branches one day last week and made it from his enclosure area to the parking lot.
Forty-one-year-old Noel Green of Louisville, Ky., says he saw Euell and tried to corral him so he wouldn't walk into traffic. But the gibbon took hold of Green and bit him on the leg.
Green says he's OK and plans to use the free pass the zoo gave

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