Two London Businesses Destroyed By Fire

Fire crews from six different departments battled a fire at the US 80 Auto Paint and Custom Accessory business in southern Kentucky.

The business is located next to North Laurel High School at the intersection of the Hal Rogers Parkway and Morentown Road, near downtown London.

A worker a the business tells 27 NEWSFIRST that the company was storing paint and other flammable supplies in a back room while doing some remodeling work.

It's his belief that the paint fumes somehow ignited starting the fire, although fire officials say they're not sure how it started.

The worker says he ran next door to J and M Auto Body, which is connected to his business, to tell them to leave immediately.

Within minutes, both companies were on fire. Luckily, everyone got out OK, but the businesses were burnt to the ground.

Both owners say they plan to rebuild.

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