Kentucky State Fair Goes "Green"

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You can color the Kentucky State Fair "green" this year.

Everywhere you look at the annual extravaganza in Louisville, there are reminders of how Kentuckians can make the bluegrass more eco-friendly.

The Recycle Cycle is an environmental lesson on wheels to show fair goers just how easy it is to make recycling part of their lives.

"This car is made completely out of trash, recycled goods, stuff that I found underneath my bed when I cleaned out my room like my Mom taught me," said Richard Renner, who built the unusual vehicle. "It's got everything a car needs. We got air cleaners, pop bottle pistons, a handle bar hood ornament, tin can headlights and street sign fenders. Once people get involved in recycling, then they understand their impact on the environment."

Richard draws a crowd everywhere he goes on the fair grounds.

Kids are especially receptive to his eco-friendly message when they're not listening to recycled music. A band called The Procrastinators uses only instruments made from recycled goods, like water jugs.

"There is definitely a theme of going green this year at the fair, and we're thrilled about it because people young and old can always use that reminder," said Vicki Glass, a spokesperson for the fair.

Farmers are being encouraged to use renewable energy sources like solar power.

"The technology is there to help develop that, and we've got several programs including loans and grant programs that are available to the public to assist in developing these projects," said Dean Tandy with USDA Rural Development.

The fair's Main Street exhibit provides people with all kinds of suggestions on how to save energy on appliances and lighting, and who wouldn't like to learn how to put more green in their wallets by using less electricity?

If you want to attend the Kentucky State Fair, you'd better hurry. It all ends on Sunday.

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