Catalytic Converter Thefts on Rise in Area

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The price for catalytic converters are on the rise, and so are the number of thefts.

Trucks and SUV's are becoming a prime target for thieves looking to score quick cash by taking catalytic converters because they're easy to crawl under.

On Thursday, the delivery vehicle for Magee's Bakery on East Main Street in Lexington was hit.

"We came out to make a delivery and the truck wouldn't start and I joked, 'check to see if the catalytic converter is under the car', and my employee looked and said, 'no, it's been cut off'", says Beverly Higgins, the co-owner of Magee's Bakery.

A problem for Higgins and the bakery, whose way of delivering food has temporarily been cut off.

"We're gonna have to do something", Higgins says.

It's the same problem around the country. Catalytic converters are being taken in a matter of minutes and then cashed in.

"The price inside both metals that make the converters have gone way up", Chip Williams, the Service Manager at Japanese Autoworks says.

But, to people that have recently been hit, it's a price they are now having to pay.

"Be aware! If you see something, it may not be your car this time, but it could be next time", Higgins says.

Meanwhile, the easiest way to tell if your catalytic converter has been taken is if your car is making a much louder noise than usual when you start it.

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