Construction Site Wedding

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Concrete finisher Jodie Vest made Penny Rassenfoss his lawfully wedded wife early Friday evening, and he didn't even have to leave his job site high atop the lofts called 500's On Main to do it.

Vest set the scene this way, "I'm remarrying my high school sweetheart. There's been a 13 year gap between our marriage and getting back together. We never could get over each other."

He told 27 NEWSFIRST they saw no need for elaborate pre-written vows because, "We know where it's at. It's in our hearts."

And their hearts might have been in their throats during a ceremony they reached by riding up in a crane. If you're wondering what Penny's reaction was when Jodie told her he wanted to get married in the bucket of a lift, well, that's not quite the way it happened.

Vest says, "It was her had the idea of getting married up in the air. I'd just have soon got married in a church. I'm scared of heights really bad but she came to work to see what I do, seen the big lift we had. She thought it would really be something to be getting married on it."

Pastor Mark Dunn says this was the first time he's ever performed a ceremony more than 60 feet off the ground. Pastor Dunn deadpanned, "Maybe the last, too. But it's not my first unusual one. I did one at the skate park over at Woodland. I was the only person there who wasn't on skates."

And did the pastor have any words of wisdom for the bride and groom?
He said, "No lovers leap ideas."

Obviously, after they were pronounced man and wife, the happy couple couldn't just turn and walk down the aisle.

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