5191 Victims' Families Give Back

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Wednesday marks the second anniversary of the deadly crash of Comair Flight 5191. The theme of this year's memorial service will be giving back. Because of the outpouring of support for the families of victims following the crash of Flight 5191, many of those families are choosing to give back to the community in memory of their loved ones.

Matthew Snoddy spent the day doing volunteer clean-up work at the Lexington Humane Society's Animal Shelter.
His father Tim Snoddy, loved animals, especially horses before his death in the crash.

"There's obviously lots of volunteer opportunities across the city. This is just one that presented itself. Animals were always dear to his heart, and they were something he and I bonded over. We always had pets growing up so it was just one way I thought I could do something to would give me time to think about him and do something in his memory," Matthew says.

Another flight 5191 victim, Dr. Larry Turner, assisted several Kentucky communities is setting up Farmers Markets so the Lexington Farmers Market was a fitting place for his family to give back today.

"One of Larry's responsibilities as Associate Dean in the College of Ag was helping farmers find alternative crops after the tobacco buyout. His heart was always in trying to help farmers, " Larry's wife, Lois said.

Lois Turner and her three adult children, Clay, Amy, and Molly, were accepting donations of produce or money to buy produce for needy people fed by the Lexington Rescue Mission.

"And anyone who is donating money, my kids and I are going to return to the farmers market in 2 weeks and purchase more produce for the Lexington Rescue Mission," she said.

Dr. Turner was always passionate about helping the less fortunate so he undoubtedly was smiling down on this effort today.

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