Motorcyclist Killed on Charity Ride

A motorcyclist was killed in Menifee County Saturday when he attempted to pass a vehicle that made a left turn and hit him. We're told Stephen Morris, 43, of Carlisle, was riding for a charity when the crash happened.

Morris was traveling east on Ky 1274 when he tried to pass a vehicle driven by James Agee of Frenchburg. Police say Agee did not signal before trying to turn into a gravel parking lot.

Morris was taken to Saint Clair Regional Medical Center in Morehead, where he was pronounced dead. Agee was not injured.

Morris' friends told 27NEWSFIRST he left from Paris Saturday morning a group riding to raise money for an infant boy who needs a new heart. Police said Morris was not wearing a helmet. We're told another man was also hurt on the ride.

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