Flight 5191 Memorial Dedicated In Richmond

Family and friends of six people who lost their lives in the crash of Comair Flight 5191 now have a new way to remember their loved ones.

A memorial fountain, built in honor of the Madison County victims of the crash, was dedicated Sunday night at Richmond's Lake Reba park.

The fountain features an ascending column with doves in flight.

An eagle scout created the concept for the memorial.

He, along with the victims' families, say this is a fitting tribute.

"It means that people care," Brian Huybers said. "And that the family members, they can all be here at one time to reflect."

"You have given us something so beautiful and serene that will carry on the names of the loved ones we lost, even after we are gone," Melissa Byrd-Hill, whose brother Brian Byrd died in the crash, said.

Each of the birds on the fountain represents one person killed in the crash.

There's also a memorial garden.

Wednesday marks the second anniversary of the crash.

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