Third Church Targeted By Thieves

There have been two break-ins at two Lexington churches and police think the crimes may be connected.

The churches are near each other on Eastland Parkway. Thieves burglarized Christ Centered Church, Alders Gate Methodist Church and Our Redeemer Lutheran after services Sunday.

At Our Redeemer Lutheran, police say thieves found an unlocked door and took some petty cash and a digital camera. At Christ Centered, they broke in through a window.

Bill Allen, a Deacon at Christ Centered told NEWSFIRST, "The office is a mess. All the cabinets have been gone through. It's disheartening."

Allen says a computer and some collection money were stolen.

This is the second time in about two weeks his church has been hit. The church's mission trailer was burglarized earlier this month while it was parked in the church lot.

While police continue to investigate, Allen says he'll be thinking of the people responsible.

"I know we will be praying for them, and I hope they get caught."

Alders Gate says whoever broke in didn't get away with anything. However, the church does have a security system and police are going through the video to help identify the suspects in the burglaries.

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