Council To Vote On Replacement For Mayor

Those who know Burnside Mayor Chuck Fourman say his arrest on felony charges is hard to grasp.

“I was shocked,” says city councilman and former mayor Jim Rasnick. "I didn't even think they were talking about the same person.”

Rasnick says the council is waiting to hear all the facts before taking any kind of action on the mayoral position. He says city services are in good hands.

“We're gonna let them (police, fire chiefs) run their departments. We're just talking 2 weeks and let this all get sorted out. Before anyone makes any decisions,” said Rasnick.

Somerset Police say Fourman led them on a chase that began on U.S. Hwy. 27 and ended in Russell County where state police put down spike strips. In between police say Fourman drove erratically but didn't speed.

In fact, police say several times they nearly collided with him. Fourman is a local businessman and part time mayor and some are coming to his defense.

“Chuck is a hard working, level headed, not a hard headed type of guy. He's really even tempered,” says Judy Hatterman of Burnside.

Police say what happened before the pursuit is still under investigation. But Burnside police say he's not accused of doing anything illegal there. And Rasnick says Fourman isn't the type to commit crimes.

“He's a fine individual. He's the first person willing to help anybody if they've got a problem.”

A special meeting will be held Tuesday night to find a temporary replacement for Fourman.

The Burnside city council will elect a mayor pro tempore at a meeting set for 5:30.

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