Some Kentucky State University Students Staying In Hotel Instead Of Dorm

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They thought they'd be adjusting to college life by now, but some Kentucky State University students had to check into a hotel at the school's expense.

Free cable, fresh towels, and someone to make your bed....

"Can't get much better than that", says freshman David Clark.

The list goes on and on.

"You have air conditioning and a bathroom right there, so you don't have to walk down the hallway. Pretty much better than a dorm room", says student Cameron Carruthers.

And for now, it the hotel is their dorm room. Students David Clark and Cameron Carruthers are two of 31 students still living at the America's Best Value Inn in Frankfort because of crowded rooms.

"Just waiting to get into a room now", David Clark says.

Officials with Kentucky State University say the problem is happening because enrollment keeps increasing. The school even opened a new dorm just in time for the school year to help out with the problem, but still, there weren't enough rooms.

Leaving dozens of students without a place to go on campus and having to hitch a ride on a shuttle to get to class on time.

"Conflicts with schedules and you may have to go to school 2 hours before your class starts", says Cameron Carruthers.

However, ask many of these students where they'd rather stay, and most will tell you they're enjoying the free housekeeping.

"I'd rather live in a hotel than a dorm room", says David Clark.

Hotel employees tell us this is the second year in a row they've housed KSU students due to an overcrowding on campus".

School officials tell us they plan to have the 31 remaining students moved back on campus by Wednesday as some dorm rooms are expected to free up.

They are also making plans for more residence halls in the future.