Car Plows Into Bank

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A car plowed through a downtown Lexington bank after crashing with another car early Tuesday morning.

The cars collided at South Limestone and High Streets, sending one car into the Bank of the Bluegrass on High Street.

Police say the other car caused the accident because it was headed the wrong way on High Street, a one-way street.

The car knocked down a brick wall as well as an interior wall. The walls go to a basement office which was unoccupied.

Fire crews were able to shore up the wall for support so the car could be towed away. Tuesday, bank officials say they will concentrate on fixing to gaping hole in the bank. They will also try to save as many bricks as they can in order to maintain the historic appearance of the building.

Bill Allen, President of Bank of the Bluegrass, says this is not the first time the bank has been hit. He says the basement windows along Limestone have been struck before and so have the front steps facing East High Street. But, he says he has never seen anything like this before.

He says he is glad nobody was hurt. Police say no one will face charges.

Code enforcement officials say the building is okay and bank managers plan to be open for business Tuesday.

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