EKU Hazing Victim Takes The Stand

There was dramatic testimony on Tuesday from a college student who says he feared for his life on campus, beaten every day for close to two months, all to join a fraternity.

It may be hard to imagine. why the victim willingly went everyday to be beaten so badly he ended up in the hospital. The EKU student at the center of a hazing scandal told a judge he was terrified to stop.

21-year-old Thomas Barnes, 22-year-old Gerald McLaren and 32-year-old Alonzo McGill are accused of beating Brent Whiteside

They've pleaded not guilty to fourth degree assault charges.

Whiteside testified that while he was pledging the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, he was assaulted. He claims he was beaten everyday from January 29th until March 6th.

He says the suspects used paddles, canes and fists to beat him.

On March 6th, Whiteside said the beating was so severe, he vomited and urinated blood. He went to the hospital where he was told he was having kidney failure.

EKU has since suspended the fraternity for eight years.

The judge on Tuesday said the case will go to trial. It is scheduled for late October.

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