Wayne County Teacher Quits Amidst Allegations Of Student Relationship

It apparently began with a discovery of text messages that some parents of a Wayne County High School Student knew didn't belong on their daughter's cell phone.

“The way the parents discovered this, they allegedly found some inappropriate text messages from him,” said Superintendent John Dalton.

Dalton says those messages were from Brent Sexton. Sexton taught English at the high school. That discovery resulted in the parents and their daughter going straight to the superintendent.

“And she told me she had a relationship with a high school teacher,” said Dalton.

Dalton gave Sexton, who's also the high school golf coach, 2 options.

“When we were doing our investigation, we were finding out things on Friday, I had enough information to either fire him or ask for his resignation,” said Dalton.

Sexton chose to quit. Police were not called. Dalton says he didn't find any evidence of a crime but he says Sexton clearly crossed the line.

“It's our responsibility as teachers to conduct ourselves in a way that doesn't give the students any impression of anything other than a professional relationship,” said Dalton.

Sexton has taught in Wayne County since 1996.

“I know Brent. It was a shock to me that the parents and this young lady came in and gave me that information, said Dalton.

Information that may shed a lot of doubt on Sexton's teaching future because incident has also been reported to the
Education Professional Standards Board.

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