Grant County Animal Shelter Facing Harsh Accusations

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Mixed signals have many people worried about the future of dozens of dogs at the Grant County animal shelter.
Employees said dogs wouldn't be euthanized, but the shelter put information on a website saying otherwise.

In the last couple of days, 27 News First has been contacted by several people worried about the future of the animals at the Grant County Animal Shelter.

It all started with a website where the shelter claimed they were going to have kill many of the dogs.

Brittany Deatherage is an animal lover and a shelter volunteer who is now trying to protect the puppies.

"I heard if a certain number of dogs didn't get adopted this week, they were going to have to put some dogs down this weekend", Deatherage says.

Brittany says she was told that 110 dogs would be euthanized this weekend.

The shelter says that just isn't true.

"We're at capacity but have no plans on euthanizing", says Jeremy Souder, the Grant County Animal Shelter Director.

In fact, they say they haven't euthanized in five months and are trying not to. To help get more dogs adopted, they are using the website "Petfinder" to list their dogs.

"It gives our contact info and allow people anywhere to search for a particular animal", says Souder.

But, that website recently said the animal planned on euthanizing dogs.
Beneath the pictures, it read "Our shelter is at capacity and we will have to euthanize dogs if we can't get enough adopted during the week of August 24th".

The shelter Director says the date was put on there only as a way to show the pictures of the animals were current.

"And that if somethings not done then we are gonna have to look at euthanizing", says Souder.

Words that are now gone from the web page, after we brought this story to their attention.

"We've updated all of those and worked on that all day yesterday", Souder says.

Still, Brittany says for the public, it was too misleading and made people believe the dogs would die unless they were adopted immediately.

"I don't think that's a good idea to use that at a marketing tool because cry wolf one too many times and then people won't want to help you out", says Deatherage.

The shelter says they do not plan on euthanizing any dogs this weekend and never intended for the website to be misleading.

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