Richmond Hiker Honored By Friend

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Earlier this month, an outdoor adventure turned tragic for a Richmond man.

48-year old David Price fell to his death while rock climbing in the Colorado Rockies. It brought an end to a unique friendship that endured for more than 40 years.

David Price was the best man at Tom Memering's wedding and vice versa. They grew up on the same street in Michigan, and built the kind of enduring friendship so rare today.

"We met when we were 7-years old in first grade. We had a little creek that ran behind his house, and we used to ice skate up and down it when we were kids. We were just inseparable. Friendship like that is something I think is special and doesn't come around very often. I'm very lucky to even have had it," Memering said.

When David's marriage of 26 years ended in divorce, Tom and his wife, Rita Sue, invited him to come live with them and actually built him his own room on the lower level.

"He really did a lot to help us around here.. He went back here and for days and days would work on these rock walls and clearing this area. He just loved to do that type of work. He also went out and bought a koy and named it and put it in the pond," he said.

The Memerings recently returned from David's funeral in Michigan.

"Everybody at least had it in their hearts that he died doing something that he absolutely loved. I just want to think that he went to the top and was on his way down," Memering said.

Tom says David had many wonderful qualities, but punctuality was not one of them.

"David has a tendency to make too many commitments, and just like through his life, unfortunately, his ashes didn't make it to his funeral so he was late to his own funeral," he said.

Now when Tom looks out from his back deck, he sees and feels his old friend.

"This place, it's such a part of us and him. We're certainly going to miss him here," he said.

David Price was one of two adventurers whose bodies were found in different parts of Larimer County, Colorado, the same week.

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