Victims Say They Know Why They Were Robbed And Beaten

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24 year old Montez Graves is under arrest for robbery, attempted burglary and fleeing from police. This is the third of four people police say are responsible for terrorizing the Wideman family.

On August 12th, Coley Wideman was pistol whipped and robbed at his own home, saying it was the second time he'd been targeted by the same criminals.

A few days after that crime police set up a sting operation leading to the arrest of Devonte Webb and Delana Lawson.

Wideman says he knows Lawson in fact Wideman's daughter was friends with her, and the family took Lawson is as if she was one of their own children.

But Wideman says Lawson used them, and worked with Graves and the others to rob them of their prescription drugs.

Right now police are looking for a fourth suspect.

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