Elected Officials Accused of Assaulting Man

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Living next door to the county Constable, you would think a man would feel safe. Instead a Lancaster man says his next door neighbor used his position to intimidate him.

Nicholas McCoy says for the last 3 1/2 months he's dealt with lights and sirens when he goes to bed.

"That just got old. The lights and everything flashing through my house", says Nicholas McCoy. So, this past Sunday night he had a solution. He called police on his neighbor, Mike Mullins, a Constable in Garrard County, but says he didn't get the help he expected. "I guess they called him and let him know and he came to my house beating on my door", McCoy says.

McCoy says he asked Mullins to leave his property, but he wouldn't.
"He continued to verbally assault me and another Constable pulled up and it just got worse from there", McCoy says.

That Constable was Brad Smith who McCoy says had been drinking.
"I'm 99% sure he had alcohol on his breath!", says McCoy. Nicholas McCoy says both men then handcuffed him. "They assaulted me some more and continued to ask me why I made the complaint", says McCoy.

The incident was all caught on the phone. McCoy had called police back when Mike Mullins first arrived at his door so that they could hear everything.

The incident has now landed the two Constables in some trouble they haven't been in before. "What we did do was suspend their right to use blue lights, asked them to return their badges, and suspended their rights to use radio frequency from our dispatch center", says John Wilson, the Garrard County Judge-Executive.

What they couldn't do was remove them from office since they are elected officials. This is something Nicholas McCoy says he just doesn't agree with. "I feel like it's wrong. I really do. Either voted in or not voted in, I think both should lose their job. They assaulted me and they had no right to do what they did to me", McCoy says.

Nicholas McCoy tells us he is planning on getting an attorney and plans to file a lawsuit. He also tells 27 NewsFirst he was told today if he signed a waiver not to sue the county, the two Constables would resign. The Judge-Executive says that offer was never made.

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