Lawyer Accused Of Fraud Bonds Out Of Jail

One of two lawyers still accused of bilking clients out of millions from a diet drug settlement is now out of jail.

Shirley Cunningham, Junior bonded out from the Boone County Jail Wednesday.

He and William Gallion are still waiting for a second trial on fraud charges, after the judge declared the first one a mistrial.

Cunningham spent the last year in jail because his bond was set so high at $45 million. Last week, it was lowered to $1.25 million.

Cunningham has now been placed on electronic monitoring and is only allowed to leave home for court appearances, doctor appointments, or church gatherings.

Cunningham remained tight-lipped about the case Wednesday as he left jail, only saying that he was glad to be out of jail.

He must also follow some strict guidelines, which include taking a log of who visits him, along with a list of every phone call made and received. Cunningham cannot use wireless internet.

The judge said Cunningham's monthly expenses cannot exceed $10,000 and he cannot make a single purchase of more than $5,000.

Gallion remains in the Boone County Jail. Melbourne Mills was found not guilty in the first trial.

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