MSU Student Hospitalized After Falling Nearly Three Floors

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Police say the student was trying to slide down the railing of some stairs at Morehead State University's student center.
Instead, 19-year-old Ross Healy fell nearly three floors and was rushed to UK hospital.

Fraternity members and friends of Ross Healy say he was the type of guy who liked to joke around, but they say the incident that happened last night at this student center was no joke at all.

Rob Beare knows 19-year-old Ross Healy well. He's his fraternity brother and had just seen Healy at a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity meeting Wednesday night at the campus student center, but says Healy left the group early.

He says fraternity members heard a scream and someone quickly came in to tell them the news.

"I actually ran down and was next to him and talking to him. He was laying back on the ground and his head up and just laying there and had no clue what had happened," Beare says.

Morehead State University police say what happened was Ross Healy had attempted to slide down the railing from the third floor to the second floor.

"He lost his balance, fell off the rail, held on briefly, and fell approximately 26 feet to the first floor," says Chief Matt Sparks with the Morehead State University Police Department.

"We've never had an accident of that magnitude to happen in this building," says Madonna Weathers, the Vice-President for Student Life.

Friends of Ross Healy tell us he did suffer numerous injuries from his fall.

"He's just lucky to be alive and it's sad it happened to him," says Andrew Potts, one of Healy's friends.

They also say he was just joking around. Still, police are investigating what happened and whether reports that Healy had been drinking off campus earlier in the night are true and whether they were a factor in the incident.

They are saying it was an individual act and wasn't connected to his fraternity, who are now standing behind him as he's recovering.

"I'm hoping all of us will go as a group and show him we care about him and are there for him," says Rob Beare.

Ross Healy was taken to St. Claire hospital Wednesday night after the incident happened and was then transported to UK Hospital where he is now in good condition.

Police tell us they are still interviewing people about what happened and plan to question Ross Healy as well about the incident.

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