A Dognapper In Disguise?

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They claim to be animal control officers, going around to pick up stray animals.

But some homeowners say they're actually thieves, looking for dogs to steal.

People in the Bryantsville community of Garrard County say they've spotted someone in a green SUV, with a "Animal Control" decal in white letters.

They say the vehicle drives slowly through the neighborhood, as if looking for particular pets.

Those in the area think this vehicle may be behind the disappearance of several dogs and cats.

The vehicle is not an official animal control vehicle. In Garrard County, animal control uses a tan SUV with black letters on the side.

People in neighboring counties, including Lincoln, have reported seeing a similar vehicle.

Police are investigating. They say they don't have any suspects yet, but say they have seen this type of thing happen before.

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