New Evidence Re-Opens Case Into Mysterious Bones

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The investigation into some bones found earlier this month in an abandoned Central Kentucky home seemed open and shut, but as of

Thursday, there appears to be a twist in the case.

The remains were found in an old coffin at a house in Garrard County.

The coroner says they belonged to a woman in her 20s who possibly died while giving birth in the last 50 years.

Just one day after closing the case, investigators say there's still some unanswered questions and the case is once again open.

"We found some new evidence in the home on Wednesday, which led us to our decision to re-open this case," said Daryl Hodge, the Garrard County Coroner.

While Hodge will not give specifics about what they found in the home Wednesday, he says he's not ruling anything out.

"We don't know if there was a crime committed here. That's why we need more time to conduct a more thorough investigation so we can try to put this mystery to rest," Hodge said.

The house where the bones were found was getting ready to be torn down, but the demolition is delayed while the investigation continues.

Investigators will return to the home Friday morning to continue the investigation.

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