Siblings Charged With Bank Robbery

Police say it was a family affair, arresting a brother and sister in connection with a bank robbery in northern Kentucky.

At around 9:40 Friday morning, a man walked into the Forcht Bank in Corinth and handed the teller a note, demanding money.

Police say the suspect, who they identified at 35-year-old Sam Raymond Boles, didn't disguise himself during the robbery.

Police say Boles got into a 1993 Dodge Shadow and headed north on I-74. A little while later, police spotted his vehicle parked on the side of the interstate with a blown tire.

Police say they saw a woman get into a tractor trailer not far from the car. They stopped her. She was identified as 43-year-old Lisa Boles, the sister of the robbery suspect.

Police later tracked down Sam Boles at his home in Covington.

Both Sam and Lisa Boles have been charged with second degree robbery.

The bank shut its doors for the rest of the day on Friday.

The same bank was held up in March of this year. 35-year-old Gary Coots was arrested in connection with that robbery.

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