Paris Child Finds Dead Body

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Andy Cotter's 11-year old son found a dead body near the creek behind their home in Paris.

Police are trying to determine how long the person had been dead, but neighbors say it may have been a few days.

"We have people that walk by here every morning and people who walk their dogs, and we had smelled an odor a couple to three days," says Ron Chumbley, a neighbor.

Paris Police worked with Bourbon County Sheriff's Department through the night investigating the scene initially taking it on as a murder investigation.

Neighbors say all the lights and commotion were unusual for what they consider a quiet neighborhood.

Neighbors say a man who also lives in the area and has been missing for almost a week, but police are trying to identify the body.

After the release of an autopsy report, police have now ruled out homicide. The death is now being ruled suicide.

The man's identity is still uncertain. Neighbors say a man in the neighborhood has been missing for a week. Police say dental records will be used in helping them determine if the two people are connected.

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