Man Shot Outside Ice Rink

Police are still searching for suspects in a shooting in Lexington.

It happened early Monday morning on Eureka Springs Drive at the Lexington Ice & Recreation Center.

Police arrived just after midnight after a dance turned dangerous.

Police say as many as 150 young people were gathered at the Ice Center for a dance when a fight started inside.

Police say the brawlers took it outside to the parking lot and that's when guns got involved.

Officers say several shots were fired, hitting several parked cars before a young man was shot.

He was found near an entrance of the building.

Investigators say he was alert and talking when he was taken to the hospital.

Police do not believe his injuries are life-threatening.

Right now, police say they don't know how many people were shooting guns and they don't know if the man who was shot had a weapon.

His name has not been released.

Officers have not said who sponsored the party, but witnesses say teens of all ages were there.

Officers believe juveniles were inolved in the shooting.

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