Dentist Killed In Crash

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A deadly crash brings a tragic end to the Labor Day Weekend for one Eastern Kentucky family.

The vehicle was found over an embankment on Highway 1110 in the Haddix community of Breathitt County. Many in the community tell me they're in shock after learning who died in the crash.

Those we talked to say 32-year-old Dr. John Combs was a dentist in Jackson. People on the scene say no one had heard from him since Saturday.

A passerby spotted the wreckage just after noon Monday. Troopers say Combs was driving west when he lost control. His SUV went down the embankment, landing nearly 100 feet from the roadway on it's top.

"Could have made it very difficult for someone to see. Yes. There is a lot of vines down in there but the vehicle is just overturned," said Tony Watts with the Kentucky State Police.

It's still not clear when Combs actually crashed. Troopers will only say no foul play is suspected and the accident remains under investigation. They do say Combs was not wearing his seat belt.

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