New Orleans Evacuees In Lexington

The downtown streets of New Orleans are deserted as Hurricane Gustav approaches on Monday, Sept. 1, 2008. (AP Photo/Gerald Weaver)
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A New Orleans couple is calling Lexington home until the powerful hurricanes that are pounding the coast blow over.

Michael Garcia and Amber Territo packed up their most important belongings and began their journey to Lexington after being invited by Lexington friend Keys Arnold.

The couple said their trip should have been eleven hours. But with traffic, it took eighteen. They brought their most important possessions with them: social security cards, medical papers, family videos, and the family dog. They learned from Hurricane Katrina just how devastating it can be to lose items like that.

Although the couple was forced to evacuate the city they love, they say they're glad to be here in the Bluegrass. "We're treating it like a vacation", says Keys Arnold. He, Territo and Garcia are hopeful that when they return home they will not see devastation; and will be able to continue life as normal.

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