Child Murder Trial Underway

Tuesday marked the start of a trial in Clark County. A man and woman accused of killing a 10-year-old girl, are answering to murder charges.

Investigators say Patrick and Joy Watkins killed Michaela Watkins in March 2007.

Police say the girl was held in scalding water and beaten with an object similar to a two-by-four inch piece of lumber.

12 jurors and two alternates were chosen on Tuesday morning.

A judge denied a change of venue request from Patrick and Joy Watkins, earlier this year. They claimed it would be impossible to seat an impartial jury because of the high profile nature of the case.

Opening arguments took place on Tuesday afternoon and several witnesses for the prosecution also testified.

Firefighters who worked the scene testified that they thought from the beginning there was more to this case.

They say Patrick Watkins told them Michaela fell down the stairs, then went to bed, where they later found her dead. One firefighter testified her injuries were not consistent with a fall down the stairs.

Witnesses also testified that Michaela had bit marks on her body that were given to her by Joy Watkins.

The Watkins' trial is expected to last at least two weeks.

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