Guns Drawn During Robbery

He expected to make a quick getaway with some powerful pain pills, but one man got a little more than he bargained for when he held up a pharmacy at gunpoint.

The pharmacist at Windham Drug in Williamsburg ended up pulling out his own gun.

Pharmacist Warren Gardner was on the phone in his office Tuesday afternoon when he heard what he thought was just a customer walking in.

“At that time, I heard my employee go up to the counter and greet the customer, she said 'Oh, God,'” said Gardner.

Gardner stayed in his office. He soon realized his store was being robbed, but he also knew the robber didn't know he was there.

“I looked at the back of the store. He had my employee at back of the store. She was getting drugs out of the safe for him,” he said.

Gardner took a gun out of his safe and walked out his office and confronted the robber, who was stealing OxyContin.

“I drew the gun right here, pointed it at his direction. That's when he turned his gun back at me.”

It was during this brief stand off that one of Gardner's employees walked into what could have been the line of fire. Gardner said he lowered his weapon.

“I realized it was not worth it, to take the shot, risk hitting her,” said Gardner.

The thief got away and now police are looking for a man about 5'8" to 5'9" with blonde hair, a maroon shirt and a ball cap. Police say the suspect's face was not covered.

“And the Oxycontin problem around here has gotten so bad that this shows they're going to do anything to get it,” said Williamsburg Police Officer Shawn Jackson.

The man took only drugs and no money and no one was hurt in the robbery.

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