Confrontation With Constable Caught on Tape

A man says he was just complaining about noise and flashing lights next door when he says he was thrown to the ground and hand cuffed.

The man's neighbor happens to be a Garrard County Constable. Now two Constables are off the job, because the whole encounter was caught on tape.

Nicholas McCoy says for the last 3 1/2 months he's dealt with lights and sirens when he goes to bed.

So, he called police on his neighbor, Mike Mullins, a Constable in Garrard County, but says he didn't get the help he expected. Soon after he made the call, McCoy says Mullins and another constable, Brad Smith, came over and confronted him.

McCoy called 911 again, and the incident was all caught on the phone. The men have not been removed from office since they are elected officials, but they are unable to exercise their powers as constables.

That means they cannot use their blue lights, their badges had to be turned in, and they cannot use radio frequency from the police dispatch center.

Nicholas McCoy tells us he is planning on getting an attorney and plans to file a lawsuit.

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