Police Need Help To ID Man Already In Jail

He's in jail, but police have no idea who he is.

Now, police in Whitely County are asking for help to identify a man, arrested for shoplifting from Walmart.

He's gone to great lengths to avoid giving up his identity.

Police say he didn't have a wallet on him, and even smashed his cell phone in the middle of Walmart, just so no one would know his name.

"Basically the guy's just sitting in jail until we find out who he is pretty much," said Officer Shawn Jackson of the Williamsburg Police Department. In the meantime, they're calling him John Doe.

Several days ago, police say John Doe decided to steal a car headlight from the Williamsburg Walmart.

But police say it quickly escalated to a robbery first case when a store security officer watched him head for the door with the headlight.

"They guy just started swinging haymakers at the loss prevention guy before he even identified himself," Jackson said

Police say the suspect was so out of control, the store officer had to restrain him.

In the meantime, police say John Doe even shattered his cell phone as if wanting to destroy any evidence of his identity.

At first, police say he refused to give his name. Then, he told them his name was Christopher Smith, but that name has no drivers license on record, no criminal record and no matching fingerprints.

So police are sticking with the name they picked for now and admit John Doe is facing a charge he made worse just by not cooperating.

Police say the strange thing was the loss prevention officer was undercover, meaning he was wearing normal clothes and no one knew he was with security. Still, John Doe started swinging as soon as the officer approached.

Police want you to call them if you recognize John Doe.

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