Jurors Hear Videotaped Interviews From Murder Suspects

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Jurors hear conflicting stories about what happened to a 10-year-old girl, from the two people accused of killing her.

The jury spent more than 5 hours Wednesday listening to videotaped interviews Patrick and Joy Watkins gave to police in the days after 10-year-old Michaela Watkins' death.

The two are on trial, accused of murdering Michaela in March, 2007.

While both suspects deny they killed her, they do not agree about what happened the day she died.

In an taped interview with police the day after Michaela's death, Joy Watkins, the girl's stepmother, said Patrick was in the bathroom with Michaela, when she got in scalding hot water in the bathtub.

Joy Watkins says she came to the bathroom when she heard a shriek.

Patrick Watkins, Michaela's father, says Joy never came to the bathroom.

He says the next day, the three went on a trip to the Red River Gorge. On the way home, he noticed something was wrong with Michaela.

He says when they got home, Michaela fell down the stairs, then went to her bedroom to lay down, where she later died. Joy told police when they got back from the Red River Gorge, they immediately took her to her bedroom to lay her on the bed. She says Michaela never fell.

Police later found Michaela dead in the Watkins' home.

A medical examiner also testified today. She told jurors the child died of a blow to her chest, that could not have come from a fall down the stairs. She also said Michaela had 35 injuries to her body.

Joy Watkins did admit to police that she was responsible for some of those, such as a bite mark on her, after fighting with her, but says the young girl always started the fights.

The trial will resume on Friday.

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