Former WKYT Anchor/Reporter Shares Cancer Survival Story

This Friday night, the major television networks, including CBS, will join forces.

"Stand Up To Cancer" is a one-hour, star-studded, public service fundraiser aimed at defeating a killer disease.

Many of us are touched in some way by cancer, including former WKYT anchor/reporter DeAnn Stephens.

Behind her bright smile, DeAnn has a serious, potentially life-saving message for anyone willing to listen.

Her nightmare began five years ago with one mole on her back.

DeAnn had spent her life enjoying the water and outdoors of Lake Cumberland, admittedly not always taking precautions with her skin in the sun.

"My mom saw it ... and really it was just a small mole that had changed. I could see it when I put my clothes on," said DeAnn. "Something was scraping or it was different."

The mole on her back turned out to be melanoma, the worst kind of skin cancer, responsible for 48,000 deaths a year.

Doctors removed the mole. The cancer had not spread.

DeAnn is especially vigilant with her two young daughters who know about mommy's scar.

"Each and everyday, I try to relay something important to them as any parent would. I think the biggest message they've received so far is about skin cancer. They know that big scar on mommy's back is from surgery because she got too much sun," said DeAnn.

"Stand Up To Cancer" begins Friday night at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

It will feature live performances, celebrities manning phones and reports on cancer treatments and research.

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