Women Arrested In Separate Armed Robberies

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It's a well documented fact that men commit far more armed robberies than women, but it must have been ladies day in London yesterday when two well-armed women allegedly robbed separate businesses just three hours apart.

Police say 19-year old Jessica Ball was wielding a knife when she walked into a London Subway and demanded money. She was quickly arrested while doing some shopping in the Wal-Mart across the street.

Police say 20-year old Shasta Vaughn later robbed the Plaza Drug Store at gunpoint, demanding drugs. A good description by an employee plus surveillance video made it easy to identify Vaughn, but apprehending her was much more difficult.

Vaughn lead them on a chase through the back woods of Laurel County on an ATV before she was apprehended.

The two women are both being held at the Laurel County Detention Center from which Shasta Vaughn was only recently released.

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