Family Gets Second Autopsy In Jail Death

FRANKFORT, KY -- While waiting for state autopsy results, the family of Ana Romero is getting a second opinion on the cause of her death, reports the Frankfort State Journal in its Sunday edition.

The 44-year-old Romero " a Salvadoran immigrant being held at the Franklin County Regional Jail " died Aug. 21 while waiting for deportation.

State police are investigating her death as a suspected suicide but are awaiting autopsy results from the state medical examiner's office in Frankfort, the State Journal reports.

Meanwhile, Dr. George Nichols II, a former chief medical examiner for the state, is examining Romero's body in Louisville as well, according to Shelbyville attorney Matthew Pippin, representing Romero's family.

"Just like everybody else at this point, we're waiting for answers," said Pippin on Thursday. "We're making some steps right now because there is a grieving family that wants to bury their loved one, reports the newspaper.

"There's a second opinion to be gotten. We would like to go ahead and get it and be prepared to allow this family to pay their last respects to their loved one. We are just waiting and want answers however we can get them. Hopefully someone will step up and provide definitive answers here very soon."

Pippin said the family expected to get state preliminary autopsy results by Aug. 29, the newspaper reports.

"But we still haven't heard anything," said Pippin on Thursday evening at Marimba's Mexican Restaurant, of which Romero's brother-in-law, Mario Aguilar, is a co-owner in Shelbyville.

Pippin said Franklin County Coroner Will Harrod told him Romero was found Aug. 21 with a sheet around her neck.

"I'm not a doctor so I don't understand how much time it takes to diagnose a cause of death by hanging," Pippin said. "If there is some complication and more time is needed, we just want to know so we have a reason for waiting," they told the State-Journal

"At this point, any answers at all about what caused her to die would be incredibly helpful."

Pippin said getting a second opinion "absolutely does not mean" the family doesn't have confidence in the state's examination of Romero's body.

"Time is an issue because we have a family who would like to bury a loved one."

Romero's sister and brother-in-law, Blanca and Mario Aguilar, said they found the news of her death shocking, especially hearing police suspect that she committed suicide, reports the Frankfort State-Journal.

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