Teen Helps Family Escape Burning Home

A family is sorting through what's left, after fire broke out in their home on Monday morning.

The family was inside their Bryant Road home when the flames started. They managed to get out safely, thanks to an alert 13-year-old.

Flames destroyed the home in a matter of minutes.

"I heard something really loud that scared me. So I jumped up, I seen flames everywhere," said Brandi Sanders.

She heard the only working fire alarm in the house, which was directly over her bed.

13-year-old Brandi says flames tore through her sister's room, a bathroom and were in her room.

"I was thinking, are we going to get out in time?" she said

Before leaving the burning home, Brandi and her 16-year-old sister Brittany grabbed their grandmother, Pat and left the home.

Fire crews say Brittany fell asleep with a curling iron on her bed, and that may have caused the fire.

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