27 Skyfirst: A view of the damage from the air

27 Skyfirst had a chance to fly over storm damage across our state Saturday.

WKYT's helicopter with Videographer Kenny Harvener captured pictures of the hardest hit areas, including Morgan County.

Like a valley of doom, hardly a single building or structure in West Liberty is untouched. Block after block of ravaged buildings, the severe winds shredded everything in their path. Some still with a roof, others flattened, or left in pieces.

In Salyersville, it's like a giant chainsaw sheared off the tops of trees before tearing into homes. A slow line of cars, like ants, move in single file.

Smaller towns like Moon were not spared. Pieces of people's lives strewn everywhere.

And in East Bernstadt, the remains of what looks like a business of RV's and tour buses. Trees flattened like a giant mower went over them.
To have been on the ground when this happened is beyond a nightmare.

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