28 busted in Whitley County meth roundup

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - 28 suspects are included in what police are calling a methamphetmine conspiracy. A half dozen or so were booked by police at the Williamsburg Convention Center following a morning roundup.

"All 28 of these individuals acted in concert with each other ... at some point in time they conspired together," said Williamsburg Chief Wayne Bird.

Some are accused of cooking the illegal drug. Others are called smurfers.

"Who goes out and shops for ingredients to take back to the cooks such as Sudafed and batteries," said Bird.

Police say all of them created a scourge on the tiny Canadatown community in northeastern Whitley County.

"Usually when we do a roundup and if someone asks me if I think we made a difference, I usually tell them no. But this time, I think we made a dent in it," said Bird.

In speaking with one local business owner, who did not want to appear on camera, he says all of these are good people who simply got mixed up in the wrong stuff.

Police say many of the suspects are repeat offenders who have been in trouble for robberies, thefts and other crimes.

"So we are not just taking out meth cooks, we are taking out the criminal element. It is a big impact on that community," said Bird.

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