Builders Fighting Back Against Copper Thieves

New developments and construction sites are often considered easy targets by thieves because they’re isolated, but now some builders are armed with a high tech defense system. 27 NEWSFIRST investigates a new way to keep thieves away.
It’s called tattletale. The security system is provided by Lainhart Home Systems and it’s the first of its kind in Central Kentucky.
The system is wireless and up to 16 homes or buildings within a 2000 feet radius can be protected by just one unit.
Payne Homes in Madison County is just one of the developers who have invested in the system. Payne Homes has been hit by copper thieves several times in the past and tell us each time its cost them thousands of dollars.
Tattletale uses wireless motion detectors, when one is activated it sets off and alarm and sends a signal to a call center which contacts the police or the owner within 12 seconds.

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