Secret Is Out At KFC

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - One of the country's most famous and
enduring corporate secrets has been moved amid tight security.
Colonel Harland Sanders' handritten recipe blending those 11 herbs and spices was moved Tuesday from its home in a locked file cabinet inside a vault to an undisclosed location. After KFC headquarters in Louisville modernizes the recipe's permanent hideaway, it will be returned.
The recipe has been in the file cabinet for more than 20 years.
Ex-New York City police detective Bo Deitl was hired to protect the recipe, which was tucked away in a briefcase and handcuffed to him when it was whisked away by armored car.
KFC, part of the fast-food company Yum Brands Inc., regards the
68-year-old concoction for the colonel's Original Recipe fried chicken as its crown jewel.
The recipe dates back to 1940, when Sanders tinkered with his
formula for fried chicken at his tiny restaurant in southeastern Kentucky. With that Original Recipe, Sanders eventually launched the KFC chain in the early 1950s.
Sanders died in 1980.

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