Case of Mysterious Bones Solved

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We now know what led to the death of a woman, whose remains were found inside a home in Garrard County.

After weeks of investigation and examination on the remains of a set of bones found in a home on Buford Street in Lancaster, the coroner, Darrell Hodge, is shutting the case down.

He says the woman died giving birth. She likely died within the past 50 years.

Medical examiners also were able to determine that the remains were, at one time, used for scientific study. Because of that fact, there's really no way to tell who she was, or even where she lived before she died.

Investigators also say they'll likely never know who put the bones in the home, because it hasn't always been a home. It's been used as many things, including a church.

The case is now closed unless someone comes forward with information that would allow medical examiners to make a positive identification.

For now, the remains will be given a proper burial in a cemetery in Lancaster. A Lexington woman is donating the money for a plot.

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