Jailer, Deputy Indicted By Grand Jury

Months after 28-year-old Daniel Trimble took his own life in jail, two Central Kentucky officials are facing charges in connection with the inmate's death.

On Tuesday, a special Bourbon County Grand Jury indicted Jailer Tony Horn and his Chief Deputy, Sandy Dotson, on charges they acted improperly after Daniel Trimble committed suicide.

Tony Horn is charged with two felony counts of tampering with public records and two misdemeanor counts of official misconduct.

Chief deputy Sandy Dotson faces two counts of tampering with physical evidence and one count of official misconduct.

State police have been investigating the death Daniel Trimble, who was found dead in his cell Feb. 15th. An autopsy concluded that Trimble died of asphyxiation due to hanging.

These charges stem from allegations the two provided false information to investigators following Trimble's death. The indictment says Horn ordered the destruction of e-mails after Trimble's death with 'the intent to impair the emails' availability for use in official proceedings.

"I just feel like, if they did their job right, Daniel would still be alive and with us right now," said Samantha True, Daniel's sister.

She claims the jail tried to hide the fact they didn't put her brother on suicide watch, even though she says, time and again, he threatened to kill himself.

"If they truly did what we believe they did and lied to investigators, they need to go to jail for a long time," said Charlene Morris, Daniel's mother.

"It's put the county in difficult spot, but these two deserve their day in court, before any judgments should be made and that is all I can say at this time," Donnie Folley, Bourbon County Judge-Executive told 27Newsfirst.

Horn and Dotson could not be reached for comment. Both will appear in court on Oct. 14th. If convicted they could face up to five-years in prison.

As to their future employment with the county, no decision has been made.

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