Bed Bugs Infest Lexington Apartments

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The Health Department says they are working with the apartment managers of the Connie Griffith and Ballard Towers to help rid the buildings of the bugs but in the meantime, the people living there say they are suffering.

One woman who has lived at the apartment for four years, she says she has bite marks up and down her arm from bed bugs.

Another tenant of the apartment says when they sprayed the apartment above her she could see the bugs coming out from the ceiling.

We attempted to try and speak with the apartment managers but were told we need to talk with the Lexington Housing Authority.

So far we have been unable to reach officials who can speak specifically about how the apartment complex is handling the situation.

Officials from the Health Department however say, apartment managers are cooperating and want to eliminate the problem.

The two apartments supply housing for people 55 and over.

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