World Travel On A Shoestring Budget

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Next week two Lexington men will depart on a one year round the world trip, but it will have to be a no frills trip because they plan to do it for less than $10,000.

Sam Powers and William Reinhard are embarking on the kind of adventure that many people dream about but never get around to.

Powers tells 27NEWSFIRST, "I'm young, I'm single, I've saved up a little money, and I just graduated from the University of Kentucky. I said if I'm not going to travel the world now, I'll never do it. I told my buddy, William that I was gonna travel around the world and he said, 'Let me go with you.'"

Reinhard admits, "I wasn't in the perfect situation to go. I just bought a house and have a really good job, but I decided I just had to make it happen."

Powers can speak some Spanish and German, and Reinhard has done a lot of back packing and outdoor things, so they should make a good travel team, but with the price of air fare today, their timing could have been better.

Sam Powers says, "The airlines are charging you even just to have your luggage on the plane so we're going through an agency that specializes in student travel, and they're been able to find a little bit of a discount for us. We've calculated it's gonna be about $5,000 for plane tickets alone so that leaves $5,000 for food, transportation and board."

That means apart from airline flights, they are budgeting just $15 a day,
which means they won't be staying in many hotels.

William Reinhard says, "We definitely won't need anything luxurious, just a place to sleep at night." So each will take just one back pack filled will all their needs.

Powers explains, "We're only taking things crucial to us like camping and cooking gear and underwear. Actually we're taking two pair of underwear each."

They'll start the trip in Guatemala where Sam has already done some teaching, but their tentative itinerary could change depending on the political climate in each of the 20 countries on their list.

Powers says, "We do realize that this is going to be a dangerous trip in some places, but it'll be the time of our life."

And you can chart their progress by going to their website, to see if it really is possible to tour the world on less than ten thousand bucks.

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