Assistant Attorney General Says He Was Libeled and Slandered

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Kentucky Assistant Attorney General David Smith has filed a civil lawsuit against three attorneys with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy claiming slander and libel.

In the lawsuit obtained by 27NEWSFIRST, Smith claims David Barron and John Palombi provided harmful, false information in a document entitled "Last Stop for Justice, A Clemency Request for Ralph Baze."

The lawsuit states the two characterized Smith as a liar on a number of occasions in the document. "Barron and Palombi maliciously communicated to the Governor's Office false and defamatory statements using the words lie, lies, lied on 53 occasions in characterizing the Plaintiff and his legal practice," the lawsuit stated.

Smith states in the lawsuit the information was then distributed to the media, including an AP reporter.

Smith is asking for a trial and is seeking an unknown amount of money. Public Advocate Heather McGregor is also named in the lawsuit.

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